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Dispel Those Negative Voices

During our formative months we decided to bend the ear of a so-called food guru with strong sausagey associations. Whilst the aforementioned ‘wise owl’ had no reason to wax lyrical about our forthcoming sausage offer, we had hoped we’d get a supportive arm around the shoulder and a few encouraging words. Let’s just say that… Read more

Breakfast’s On The Wane…

…and we’re not just talking about your quick-fix porridge, yogurts and muesli. The heavenly Great English Breakfast is now deemed something of a faff when convenience and speed are surprisingly so revered. We believe life and work are hard enough, and that occasionally you need to take your foot off the accelerator and enjoy ‘meaningful’… Read more

You Have To Love A Country…

…that dedicates a whole week to full-bodied sausage appreciation. National Sausage Week, for those of you not-in-the-know UK Sausage Week runs from Oct 29th to Nov 4th.

Coming To A TV Near You

In 2019 we’ll be part of a fantastic BBC piece that explores the countless obstacles that stand in the way of an ambitious start-up seeking to secure ‘game-changing’ financial backing from the traditional banking sector. At K’s Wors we’re lucky enough to be supported by the Fredericks Foundation, an ethical lender whose founder wanted to… Read more

Award-Winning Bangers

Of course taste and choosing winners is a subjective thing but on the basis that we’ve only been going a little while we’re extremely chuffed to walk away with Great Taste & UK Sausage Week awards commendations from the UK’s fine sausage fraternity.