a unique infusion of british, zimbabwean & south african cultures

Big Ambitions

Having spent my formative years growing up in Africa surrounded by great food, sunshine, sublime spices and meaningful friendships, I felt the time was ripe to bring the sizzle of Southern African cuisine to the UK.

The noble sausage is a trusted comrade within the Great British ‘comfort’ food scene and yet for all the magnificent regional interpretations of what the perfect sausage should look and taste like, we had a nagging suspicion that this island’s chillers were missing out on true gastronomic joy of our extraordinary, award-winning Boerewors.

Boerewors is quite simply the kingpin of world cuisine ‘sausagedom,’ a top drawer ‘banger,’ a veritable ‘meat feast,’ (up to 92% meat content) made from heavily-seasoned fine cuts of beef, lamb & pork and centuries of proud, Southern African gourmet know-how.

The name BOEREWORS is derived from the words boer (farmer) and wors (sausage)

N.B. Boerewors is actually held in such high culinary esteem that its deliciously distinct ingredient make-up is jealously protected by South African Law.